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Subjects covered by books published by Francis Boutle Publishers include art, architecture and media, biography, Breton poetry and literature, Cornish/Kernewek poetry and literature, fire and police, the First World War, genealogy, history, lesser used languages of Europe, music, painting and its laws, politics, revolutionary history and traditions and customs.

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Comrades in Conscience
Comrades in Conscience
This Fair Land
This Fair Land
The Body’s Reason
The Body’s Reason
Fifty Love Poems
Fifty Love Poems
Richard G. Jenkin
Richard G. Jenkin
Bewnans Peran
Bewnans Peran
Best Sellers
01.From Bow to Biennale
02.Gypsy Storytellers
03.Surfing Tommies
04.Star in a Night Sky
05.Scoot Dances
06.The York Chasseurs
07.The Toad and the Donkey
08.Funding the Ladder
09.Kate Frye
10.Clear Red Water
Forthcoming Books
Featured Books
London. The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Gallery permanent exhibition of women in medicine.

Until 13 July, London. An exhibition of works by the East London Group of Artists at The Nunnery Gallery.

11 June, Dereham, Norfolk. Kate Frye: Dereham’s Suffragette Activist, an illustrated talk by Elizabeth Crawford.

21 June, London. Artist-led walking tour of the East London Group of artists.

12 July, City Lit, London. Alan M. Kent speaking on “Cornish Medieval Drama”.

1 to 3 August, Sidmouth Folk Festival. Kemysk will be dancing and offering workshops.

13 to 17 August, Milwaukee. 17th Gathering of the Cornish Cousins. Mousehole meets Milwaukee: A Cornish Gathering on the Waters.

23 to 25 August, East Sussex. Pyba at Herstmonceaux Medieval Festival.

30 August, Nottingham. Conscientious Objection in Nottinghamshire: a talk by Cyril Pearce.

24 September, Bourne End. Elizabeth Crawford talks about Kate Frye and her Suffrage Diary.

11 October, London. Peace History Conference at the Imperial War Museum, London.

1 November, York. Cyril Pearce, author of Comrades in Conscience, talks at the York First World War Day School on The Anti-War Perspective