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June 2013: Have you got an East London Group painting in your attic?

> See more details of From Bow to Biennale: Artists of the East London Group by David Buckman

From Bow to Biennale: Artists of the East London Group by David Buckman

ISBN 978 1 903427 68 2 Paperback 377 pages illustrated in colour and black and white £25

In the short time since publication, David Buckman’s book From Bow to Biennale: Artists of the East London Group has excited art world interest in one of the most neglected and unusual movements in twentieth-century British art.  Researched over many years, it tells how charismatic teacher John Cooper at Bow evening classes took a few dozen underprivileged East Enders and launched them into the Whitechapel, Tate and West End galleries.  In 1936, two showed at the prestigious Venice Biennale.

“The book’s appearance and the East London Group website have thrown new light on Cooper’s pupils and their work,” says Buckman.  “We are learning, and expect to learn new facts about such artists as George Board, Archibald Hattemore, Cecil Osborne, Brynhild Parker and Henry Silk.  A few were but shadowy figures.  Most exciting so far is the rediscovery of Osborne’s three superb big and thought-lost panels on the history of the St Pancras area of north London.”
Among press comments so far

“a remarkable story of art bringing light to one of England’s poorest communities”
Simon Tait, The Times
“packed with fascinating anecdotes….  Buckman’s take on such familiar names as Coldstream and Sickert is unusual and refreshing, and his pioneering research on the lesser-known figures is invaluable.”
Andrew Lambirth, The Art Newspaper
“a fascinating and densely researched book….  Buckman has pieced together an extraordinary story. All that’s needed now is an exhibition at the Whitechapel and a feature film directed by Ken Loach.”
Laura Gascoigne, The Oldie

“remarkable story…  David Buckman’s new book about this remarkable movement is proving a real eye-opener.”
Nicholas Usherwood, Galleries

“thanks to David Buckman, this forgotten art movement’s extraordinary achievements and work has been recorded.”
Dan Carrier, Camden New Journal
“Surely, the beautiful pictures on this page, painted by members of the East London Group, should be as celebrated as the Bloomsbury artists, name-checked by critics and young painters?”
John Rennie, East End Life
“Perhaps Mr Buckman’s dense, but fascinating, account will revive interest in these peculiarly English painters.”
Kensington and Chelsea Today

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