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July 09: Two Manx poems by Robert Corteen Carswell

She lhondoo braew ta goaill arrane lesh bree,
Agh ta my chree boght ayns geulaghyn.
Ta dagh bine jeh ‘ghob myr snaid ta seiy my chleaysh,
Cur boirey er my inchyn dree.
It’s a fine blackbird that is singing with gusto,
But my poor heart is in chains.
Each note from his beak is like a needle that pierces my ear,
Perturbing my dullard mind.

She lomman t’ayn, ta sheidey veih’n niar,
Harrish ny sleityn rooisht as moanee liauyr.
Agh fo nyn gassyn hene ta mirrilyn dy liooar,
As markiagh er y gheay ta feeagh braew mooar.
It’s a stripping wind, that’s blowing from the east,
Across the bare mountains and the long turf land.
But beneath our very feet there are miracles enough,
And riding on the wind is a fine big raven.


In the autumn Francis Boutle Publishers will be issuing a second volume in the series The Lesser Used Languages of Europe: Manannan’s Cloak: a bilngual anthology of Manx literature, edited by Robert Corteen Carswell. The first volume was The Turn of the Ermine: an anthology of Breton literature.

Click here for more information about Manannan's Cloak

If you want to know more about the series, please email info@francisboutle.co.uk

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Second Wednesday of every month, Luxulyan. Prys Ton – Cornish Music Session.

21 June 2017, Aberystwyth. Book launch and readings from The Old Red Tongue an anthology of Welsh literature.

23 June 2017, Kit Hill, Callington. Golowan – Cornish Midsummer celebrations with Pyba.

23 June 2017, Carnstabba Hill, St Ives. Tansys Goelowan / Midsummer bonfire celebrations.

24 June 2017, Boscatle. Midsummer Dance around the Midsummer Tree and a serpent around the harbour.

27 June 2017, Sheffield. Southern Harvest – a concert to celebrate the re-publication of folk song books The Constant Lovers and The Foggy Dew.

23 July 2017, Par, Cornwall. Pyba perform at Tywardreath Priory.

29–31 August 2017, East Sussex. Pyba at Herstmonceaux Medieval Festival.

1 September 2017, Launceston. Cornish Dance Society Ceilidh with Pyba.

10 September 2017, St Ives. Kemysk at St Ives September Festival.

6 October 2017, Aldeburgh. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Commemoration Weekend with talks, a play, music and the unveiling of a plaque.